So I was driving on my way to work this morning and I started thinking....I know...not the smartest thing for me to be doing...especially behind the wheel....lol.......So as i was driving and thinking about life and God and stuff like that....it came to me that just like my job requires me to be available at all times....so God wants us to be available and open at all times.
Working in the Hospitality industry, mainly in the food service department, we are required to be flexible and keep ourselves as open and available as possible to changes in our schedule and to fill in if needed. Things can change at the drop of a dime and sometimes, no, almost all the time, that means someone will have to be called in to serve and at times that may mean doing more than what is part of their "job description." I could probably do a whole sermon on the similarity between the hospitality industry and the life a christian, but for right now i just want to show the main thing that got me meditating.
Are you available? Could God call on you to step up and do something that someone else decided not to do? Would you answer? How much are you showing God your availability to serve His Kingdom and the souls that are either in it now or He is sending you to bring in?
I encourage you to stay open and available to God. It could be the one moment that you say "here I am Lord, send me" and He sends you straight into your destiny and your life and the world is changed forever, simply because you were available.
Just a thought. Loves and Hugs!
Written By Mike Wing


Pursuing...the story behind the passion

A symbiotic life form that is a representative of the reality of what is and what will be. As I type these words a group of Christian believers are gathering at the home of their mentor, leader, spiritual father, friend to discuss the launching of a new church. Not just a new church, but more of the final birthing of a vision that has laid inside the hearts and souls of those called to bear such a dream, such a vision, such a reality of revival. From the day their chosen leader saw the flames over the Market House in the first of many great glory smackdowns, to the sudden release of that same vision to those who were fortunate, no, blessed, no, honored, to be in that sacred place; to the slow and often times painstaking labor of nurturing, protecting, sharing, and planning for the birth of this holy vision, this sacred child of revival, all who were the elect were being prepared for this great day. Though many have fallen away, some to return, others to remain wandering amidst the fog of confused identity and fallen dreams, the desire to see this come to pass has burned deep within those that were open to receive, those open to be selected, those open to be branded by the steel rod of Revival, of Repentance, of True Discipleship, of True Worship. Many have come against this birth of a new breed of holy warriors, just like many in the past have fought to destroy the bearers of a new regime, from the days of Rome to the satanic days of Hitler; yet through the fires they come. They seem to be a sort of unique brand of character, of strength, of loyalty. They stand as one and fall as one, all while singing praise to the One who is the reason for their very existence. To speak of this is sending fear through my very heart, for to speak of such things is an honor, a holy duty, to be the voice of the silent ones.
Written by Mike Wing