Never allow your day to be so busy, so full, so hectic, so good, so bad, so tragic, or so joyful that you don't take time to be in love. I'm not just talking about a few brief moments at the beginning and the end. I mean take time to love and to be loved. Fall in love with God. He's already so in love with you. Take time to love others, show them you love them don't just assume they know.

I love you,



Rocks and Roses

Throughout life we walk on rocks and roses. The times we’re on the rocks always seems so long, while the time walking in the roses seems all to short. So often we fail to realize that it’s the over the rough ground that makes the smell of roses so sweet. We fail to see that the roughed path of life is indeed a journey meant to be enjoyed whether the ground is hard or soft. Often the hardest roads lead to the greenest pastures. So if you’re covering a rough patch then don’t look down instead look up you’ll see the sun is shinning and the clouds are clearing.

Love ya,



Pluck it out!!!

Matthew 18:9
And if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.
How many times do our eyes look on the things they shouldn't, or our hands touch things they shouldn't? So do you believe that Jesus means what He says? If we were to take his words literally then the church would be full of blind, mutilated people. Yet we say we believe, we confess, profess, jump and shout. We stay attached to our eyes, while those same eyes look on things they shouldn't. Perhaps it's not entirely necessary to go to those extremes. But I will make a few suggestions. If your laptop causes you to look at things you shouldn't, throw it out the window, or if HBO makes you stumble then have it shut off. How about those friends that lead you into sin, get rid of them... I mean the list could go on and on and on and on... So maybe we wouldn't have to pluck out our eyes or cut off our hands if we just cut off the stuff we should not be attached to...
Just think about it...

Love ya,



I'm always on His mind

Hebrews 7:25
Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.
As you go through today with your many hopes, prayers, thoughts and dreams. Take just a moment to consider that no matter where this day leads, whether triumph or failure, whether high or low, whether good or bad, there is one thing you can know.
You are always on HIS mind. Right now in this moment this very second His thoughts are on you.
Love ya,


Who do you say???

Jesus speaking to His discipes asks, who do people say that I am... Then He looks at Peter and asks, who do you say that I am? Peter answered, you are the Christ, the Son of God.
People, tradition, religon and this world all try to tell us who God is. Many see Him as a prophet, religious, hard and traditional. But today I don't care how others see Him, today I want to know how you see Him. But not just how do you see Him. The Bible says you are made in His image you bear that image. So perhaps a better question is who does your life say that He is? Does your life say He is love, peace, joy and grace. Cause God is LOVE.

Love ya



Onions anyone???

The onion is not the center dish, the lead actor in most meals. No it plays more of a supporting role, the food that makes other food taste better…
Moaning, groaning and complaining every step of the way Israel wandered through the wilderness. At one point they said, “that’s it we are going back to Egypt, we want onions”. Oh the taste of the onions in Egypt… they are so tasty… I gotta go back and get me some onions. I remember once while we lived in Egypt we ate some onions, oh they where so good.
We like to hope we are so different from the stiff necked, rebellious nation. Many times we will never go back to Egypt, the place of our captivity. But there is always something trying to hold us back, hold us in captivity. Yes our sin, yes our shame, or bitterness, pain, hurts and turmoil’s of this life. There are other things, things that are more subtle that try to hold on to us also.
God made this life as a journey. We start in one place and end up in another, all the while bringing either light or darkness to those around us. There are times on this journey when we look back and remember when…ah the good ol’ days… Man the onions where so tasty back there… Maybe I should go back… It wasn’t really all that bad and besides there’s onions.
Last night I was reflecting on some of my past victories… I could smell, taste and touch them for just a moment… Then I began thinking how tasty them onions where. Now I’m not talking about sin, I’m simply talking about the way things where. The only problem is we can’t enjoy the onions of Egypt and the land that flows with milk and honey. Egypt is the past, whether good or bad it is the part of life that is behind us. The part of life that is in front of us is so much sweeter, so much richer, so much fuller than those onions. Often we spend much of our life wondering, tossed around between past and future.
God has a calling on our lives and its not found in Egypt, its not found in onions, it’s not found in the past.
Look up ahead… There is a land just for you, a land flowing with milk and honey. It’s not behind you, so stop looking back.

Love ya



It wasn’t you???

In today’s Bible reading Joseph makes an interesting statement to his brothers.
Genesis 45:8 “It was not you…” Talking to his bros, the same fellas that wanted to kill him, the same guys that threw him in a pit, then sold him for a few bucks to Midianite traders. He says it wasn’t you, it was God...
Its crazy that when we are in the middle of the mess its way easy to blame those around us for all we are going through. It’s only once the battle is over and the fight is won that we recognize the hand of God in our life. Yet He’s there all the time… in the pit… in the prison… and in the palace. And you usually have to go through the pit and the prison to finally end up in the palace. The key is while in the pit, while in the prison, don’t linger, use the gifts God has given you and get out… He’s got a palace waiting on you.

Love ya



Snow Daze

Snow days are so much fun... They're almost like a mandatory day off, an unexpected time when everything stops. You can't go out, stores are closed. Pretty much all you can do is spend time with family. The snow's coming down out side, the fire burning inside. There's snowball fights, sliding and allot of laughs. Its real easy to just get lost in a daze. Almost dream like. The children of Israel had these kind of days once a week. God made them Holy, once a week they where told to do nothing but enjoy Him and enjoy each other. In our day and age it's so easy to get caught up in everything. We live such a fast pace life and rarely take time... Father today I think you for my snow days or should I say snow daze.

Love ya



Is it just me???

Am I the only one… Things start getting fuzzy in a bad way. Confusion and darkness begin to creep in around. Then before you know it your lost and can’t see a thing… Surrounded by darkness, we get grumpy and ugly on the inside… Ok maybe it’s just me…

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Why not the next time we see the darkness coming around, Instead of running it alone… Get in our Word, read it til things start making sense again. Sometimes it happens in only a few minutes other times it may take a few hours.
Light, Light, Light

Also click on the launch sermons button for the first ever video blog... corncerning this passage. Sorry for how small it is we'll be working on fixing it soon.



God wars with some and wrestles with others. Let Him wrestle with you, let him stretch and strengthen you, push prod and discipline you.
Then as you walk away limping you'll be walking away a prince.

Ref. Jacob


New Year, New Site

Hey Everyone,

Hope you guys like the new set up we have here. I figured that since it was a year of transformation we might as well change somethings around here too. Thus we still have all of the old information but changed the look of things... Anyways hope you like it and email me with any cool ideas!

God Bless



Being Me

You created me in Your image and Your ways.
You know my ends and outs, and those things bring You praise.
Before I was formed in my mother’s womb
Before my eyes beheld the light of day
You knew all about me and you made me anyway.
Though You knew I’d sometimes struggle to listen to Your voice,
With all the others around me I often made the wrong choice.
Even though I’ve often questioned the skin You put me in
Even though I’ve run from You into the arms of sin.
Sometimes I look to others to compare my life to them
When all the time You’re showing me Your Son and saying, ‘Compare your life to Him.’
Lord, I know you love me and I believe You when You say that You will always be there for me but I must seek Your face.
Let me compare my life to Yours and not to those of my peers
For just as I stray often so have they because of all their fears-
Fears of being alone, fears of the unknown
Fears of being the only one to stand before Your throne.
I know they’ve faced these questions for I, myself, have too.
But I’ve received the answers straight from God it’s true.
You love me just the same when I fall and when I stand.
You’ve created me in Your image and likeness even though I’m just a man.
You think about me often and guide me in Your ways
You’ve given me all power and authority because Your name I praise.
You’ve laid a foundation for my life and given Your guidebook too
So I can make the decisions to live my life for You.
Now that I know these things, now that I know Your ways,
Now I can be comfortable living all my days; just to bring You worship
Just to give You praise
Knowing that Your love’s amazing guiding all my days.
You created me. You formed me and made me just like You
It’s my duty and my honor to live my life for You.
written by Taronya Peek



Jesus looked like everyone else...
But He was not like everyone else...
We look like everyone else...
Our we like everyone else...
We base our life on all the earth junk we can get...
Think of the things we go through to get a little piece of paper with $100 on it...
Think of things He went through to get a little piece of your heart...


Mid-Night BURN

Mid-Night Burn
Tonight out at
Freedom aka.
Camden aka.
Pastor Mike's Church
there's a a prayer burning starting at 11pm... BE THERE

Do you believe it!!!

How is it possible that God would love a sinner as much as He loves me?
Have not I given my life in services.
Chances are if you're reading this then you have also devoted your life, your love to Jesus.
There have been sacrifices and tears, for some there has been blood and even their life given.
How is it possible that God would love us equally. They are dirty sinners. How can it be that God would love me with the same amount of love as He has for a murderer, a rapest.
These statements make sence...
But God does not have to make sence to you or I. We feel like love must be earned. We must first love then we will be loved. This is mans kind of love. If you love me I'll love you, if you hate me then I'll hate you and if you do things to use and abuse then I will turn on you. Mans love!
God love is different.
As we read todays reading in Mathew 7, of good fruit and bad fruit of good trees and bad ones. Of those that come to the Lord and say, "Lord did we not cast out demons and heal the sick". Then Jesus will say to them, "I never knew you". Purhaps the reason that Jesus did not know them was they did and acted and loved as they understood, what made sence to them. Jesus said, "Father, Holy is your name, your kingdom come your will be done". My prayer for each of us today is that we would Love as our Father loves, as His Son loves, and how His Spirit loves.
Even when we don't understand it.
Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and strength then you'll be able to love your neighbor as yourself.
Love ya


City Wide Prayer Meeting

Just a reminder to everyone out there...
Cliffdale Christian Center is hosting Pray Cumberland County...
Thursday January 8, 2009 from 12-1...
Come ready to brake down and bust up the powers of the wicked one...
Come ready to lift up and magnify the name of Jesus...
Love Ya


Look Up

Gen 15:5-6
He took him outside and said, "Look up at the heavens and count the stars—if indeed you can count them." Then he said to him, "So shall your offspring be." 6 Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.

God desires to meet you where you are. In your tent , house, bed, car it doesn't matter. He desires to take you from the place where you’re comfortable cause you to step out with Him. Then look up, see what He sees, His thoughts are so much higher so much farther than our little tent. Look up count the stars if you can. Do you believe that God's promises for you are as big as the heavens as large as the stars. Can you look up and believe.


1. Where are you in this new year with God.
2. Are you willing to transition or be transformed from where you are to where God has for you.
(Transformation and Transition a dramatic change both inside and out.)
3. Do you believe that God has a future as big as the stars for you.
4. Are you willing to act on what you see.

Love You guys,



I love it when I'm right

So I went on the daily audio bible site today cuz I was a slacker this morning and didn't get up early enough to read on my own. Brian's blog contained this gem: "I believe what I've been saying..... 2009 promises to be an epic year. I feel that God is inviting us to "release and complete" many things and I also sense Jesus asking us to stand up and live what it is we've been learning about every day. It's time to put it all into practice rather than just filling our hearts and minds with knowledge." So be encouraged this morning, God is truly in control of our lives whatever comes our way and we are still smack dab in the middle of His will for us.

Love you




Can you remember a day...
When you loved the Lord more...
When you served the Lord harder...
When you worshiped the Lord purer...
When you praised the Lord hotter...
When you obeyed the Lord fuller...
When you...
Walked with more faith...
Talked with more love...
Gave with more joy...
Can you remember that day...
Jesus speaking in the book of Revelation says remember the heights from which you've fallen and return to your first Love. There are so many things in this world that distracted, disturb and disrupt. But Romans says to be not conformed to this world and its ways but be transformed by the Word. Two things serve to transform you. The Word of God and the pressence of God.