A fact of life; we are all reapers. What goes around comes around. And everyone takes a sigh of relief and says “Thank God for grace”. Grace gives us the opportunity to wipe the slate clean. To start over in the process of sowing and reaping. Scripture tells us not to be deceived God cannot be mocked, what a man sows he will reap. If one sows to the flesh, he’ll from the flesh reap death; but if he sows to the Spirit he will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Let’s face it, we’ve all sown alot to give our flesh what it wants. Whether it’s the newest phone or car, or perhaps it was just telling that little bit of gossip that we just couldn’t keep in. You see sowing into our flesh is not just fornication and sexual promiscuity. Sowing into our flesh could be that little white lie that you told at work to get ahead. One way or another we’ve all done it, and still do it. Again a sigh of relief and say thank God for grace. Each of us is so very unique and special full of gifts and talents and just good stuff God has blessed us with. Time, talents, attributes and assets deposited on the inside. Many times we waste much of the gifts deposited on trying to satisfy the bottomless pit of flesh. This pit is never full and can never be satisfied. But wait repentance means we have the ability to not just say sorry but change. Change the place we deposit what has been deposited in us. Instead of trying to fill the bottomless pit we can give more to the Spirit and reap eternal life. You see the cool thing about eternal life is it is not just a quantity of life but it is also a quality of life. The heavenly quality. Yeah that’s what I want to reap. I’m gonna sow a little more of me into eternity.