Yeah I'm soft

Yeah I’m soft
On every occasion a gentleman ought to show the ladies in his life how important they are. Some fellas have asked me why I do flowers or chocolate and cards for mothers, daughters, and sisters. Why not just your wife? Well, my friends, I for one believe daughters in our day and age ought to be taught by daddies how precious they are and how much they are loved. Keep in mind, dad, that daughters need daddies who are not afraid or forgetful and who notice the little things. Every son ought to think of his mom on Valentine’s Day. Dads, its good training for your son to look out for his mom and if he doesn’t learn it from you, then who? What about sisters? Well every brother’s sister has had a Valentines Day that they hated. So why not take the opportunity to let her know that there’s one guy who will always look out for her and love her. Now if you’re a husband asking why should you do something for your wife… Wow! Well just because she is the missing rib, flesh of your flesh, bone of your bone, and has decided to make the most binding earthly covenant with a mug like you. Trust me if you’re asking then your not the easiest chump to deal with and she probably deserves an extra dozen roses just for putting up with you. So gentlemen take it from the brother of two sisters, son of three moms, father of 4 girls and the husband of one amazing wife… Its worth it!!!


Reaper #2

What you sow today is what you will reap tomorrow. If you sow your time, talent, resources, assets and all the good gifts God has placed on the inside of you into the bottomless pit of your flesh you will from the flesh reap death. Why? Because from the moment Adam sinned flesh was corrupted, corrupted with sin. The wages of that sin is death. BUT!!! If we make the choice today to sow into the Spirit we will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Not just eternal in quantity but eternal in quality.