Our Father or we can make it personal and say, my Father who is in heaven, Hallowed or Holy is your name. It is an often repeated statement but is it understood. So many myself included desire and work for the Kingdom of God to be established on the earth. Blood, sweat and tears are poured out to see that kingdom come to see His will be done. I've become so obsessed with this mandate that I've actually put my relationship with Him on a back burner. Become so consumed with the battle the I've forgotten the reason the purpose. We often live, lives of winning souls making disciples, reaching the utter most parts of the earth with the Gospel. We live for the fight, we live for the victory. We forget the before that kingdom can come through us we must first get to know God in His Holiness we must be intimate with Him as a Father. Jesus said the first command was that we love the Lord with all our heart, soul and strength, then love our neighbor as ourselves. It is only when Holy God becomes our Father when we learn to Love Him first that we can even be able to truly love others. It is only when we come to know Him in His Holiness that the kingdom can be established. So take a moment today and get to know your creator in the beauty of His Holiness. That's when His will can be done in and through you.

Love Ya




As we watch so many in the church today running from one move to another one revival to another, one healing service to another.
It reminds me of a girl I knew when I was younger, all she wanted to do is follow the Grateful Dead around in a Volkswagen van and be a deadhead.
There are some I know that justify this by complaining about their own church or pastor or leader. The whole grass is greener on the other side thing. These same ones that always have something to say, some bit of
“constructive criticism”
Many times these are the same ones that do nothing, have invested nothing. They spend their time staring up into the heavens looking for the light when God has called us to be the light. They shine what light they have at the faults of those around them.
Then there are others that simply get tired, they burn at both ends until they until they burn out.
Hurt, broken and tired the sun that once was able to melts their heart now hardens it like clay. They burned so hot for so long without rest or refreshing, without spending time alone in the presence of the Son, Now they are the bush that burned but it was consumed. It was not weird to see a bush burning in the wilderness but it was weird to so one that was not consumed. Today we see all kinds burn for God but its rare we see one that is not consumed. God has called us to burn bright but not burn out.
What’s the difference?
Spending time walking in the son-light,
Not always running for the newest thing,
Not always looking for the next thing.
But keeping your life based on the
“One Thing”.

Love ya


God is Never Behind You

I said yesterday that it’s easier to see the things that God has done
than it is to see what He is doing,
and it’s easier to see what He is doing
than it is to see what He will do.
In Revelation Jesus says
I am the Alpha and Omega,
The First and the Last
The Beginning and the End.
Jesus also says that,
He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
So let me encourage you today to take a good look at all He has done
See Him feeding the five thousand
Raising Lazarus from the dead
Healing the blind man
Calming the storm
Plundering the gates of hell
Defeating death and the grave
Jesus is the same today as He was two thousand years ago
He is
Feeding the hungry
Raising the dead
Healing the blind
Calming the storm
Plundering the gates of hell
Defeating death and the grave
He has done it for you
Now let Him do it through you!!!
Love Ya



It's easier to see where God has been, then where He is, and its easier to see where He is, then where He's going.


Todays Question???

Hey Everyone,
Got a question for you today...
If you knew you were going to die what would you do differently.
Make a list figure it out because the doctor is in and hes got bad news...
You're dying.
So seize the day.
Live it like you are alive
This life is but a vapor here for a moment then gone.
Love ya


A little FYI

Hey Everyone

Just wanted to let everyone know that "The Goodman Project" will be live at Feedom Family Fellowship Sunday, Dec. 7th. Yours truly will be out with the band X-tol. Prayer at 9:30am with services kicking off at 11am. Its the place to be so be there.

Love you guys


You are wonderful

Hey Everyone,

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image,

Ps 139:1, 13-14 O LORD, You have searched me and known me. 13 For You formed my inward parts; you wove me in my mother’s womb. 14 I will give thanks to you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well.

Today as you walk down the road of life, God’s destiny leading each foot step, troubles on both right and left and mountains so large in front of you they seem like Mt. Everest in the winter cold. God never promised only roses and ice cream, or sunny days at the beach the breeze blowing in your hair. BUT… He did promise that He would never leave you, that no matter what comes, what storms flood and graves swallow. That you have been made with a special capacity to not only endure but to triumph over every enemy or problem, because my friend you where made like HIM. When He made you He saw front to back and everything in between and perfectly fit you for your life. Both God and I agree that you my friend are simply wonderful.

Love ya,


Sunday's Sermon

Hey Everyone,

Today I should be uploading the sermon that was preached yesterday. So come back later and check it out. Definitely click on the "sermons" button to see if it there before you leave though. Anyways I will talk to you later and hope you have a wonderful day.

God Bless



New Podcast

Hey Everyone,

Check out my new podcast! There is a link to the player to the right of this message. It should be titled Launch Sermons. Thanks and hopefully I will have new podcast coming in continually its just been kind of difficult lately. Anyways... Thanks again for listening, subscribing, and following as we take this journey.

God Bless



Snow Way

Hey everybody,

So how bout that it snowed today. The first light snow of the year. It was so insane and so refreshing all at the same time. It only fell for a few minutes, but often times it only takes a few minutes to change our perspective on life. Lets face it things can be going so good, so great so wonderful then suddenly life slaps you in the face. Someone dies, you get in a car accident, or fired from your dream job, the examples can go on and on. Every example able to cause a really great day to crash into a smoldering pile of ash.

When you have one day like this often its not over with just one but it keeps going and going and going. Wave after wave crashing on your head causing you to sink lower and lower. But then after weeks of waves pushing you deeper and deeper, suddenly your able to look up and see a glimmer of sun, a ray of hope. You look up and even if only for a few brief moments in snowing. You realize things are about as bad as they can be right at this moment... but there is hope, there is even in the midst of global warming, earthquakes and hurricanes there is still the first light snow. God's love is so amazing even when hell is closing in all around He sends a ray of wonderful love and suddenly... Life is good.


Prayer Points 11.17.08

- That we would kick it up. DO IT!
- That we would press in. PUSH!
- Pray with fire and faith
1. Heal the Sick
2. Make Disciples
3. Evangelize


Rainy Days

Hey Guys,

Today it was raining when I got up. Its kinda funny when you wake up to the rain. Its almost as though early morning grips the day and won't let go. Dawn just seems to linger for hours, everything just feels lazy. You don't want to get up but you know you can't stay in bed. Everything is just so cozy where you are, the covers feel soft and warm, you turn over your pillow to the cold side and so sleeps lingers for just a little longer...
There are many times when my life is this way. Outside its cold and rainy, visibility is cut way down so I can't see where I'm going real clear... All in all it might just be better to stay in bed where its nice and warm and cozy allow sleep to embrace me once again. It would definitely be the easier way, ah to just sleep away another season in life. Besides if I did go out I wouldn't be able to see where I was going, so I may never get there, I may crash on the and ahhh the bed just feels so nice... Life in the comfort of your own bed is so much easier but is it a life that's really worth living. True there are many times when it's cold, rainy, windy and foggy in life and to stay in bed would be easier but even when its raining life is passing by. So get out of bed, run in the rain, jump in a puddle, you may fall, you may get muddy but that my friend is life... so get out and live it!


God Bless


New Sermons

Hey Everyone,

In just like two minutes I will have a new sermon/prophetic word up. So check it out.


God Bless


24/7 Prayer Day One


“God isn't late with his promise as some measure lateness. He is restraining himself on account of you, holding back the End because he doesn't want anyone lost. He's giving everyone space and time to change.”
2 Peter 3:9 (MSG)

Jessica’s Prayer Requests/Verses

-Prayer House (Job 5:17&18)
-Our Nation To Return To God (speak life) (Job 5:8-10 & Ezra 10)
-Our Nation’s Future Leader No Matter Who (life)

Joshua’s Prayer Request/Verses

Key Prayer House Leaders

1) Joshua Goodman
2) Amber Goodman
3) Tony Goodman
4) Melody Doyle
5) Chelsea Williams
6) Trey Howerton
7) Jessica Howerton
8) Michael Tessner
9) Denise Tessner
10) Charlie Black
11) Jaci Black
12) Sam Hendrickson
13) Mike Wing
14) Greg Concepcion
15) Andre Merritt
16) Robert Paige
17) Ashley Fragas


A Good Day

Hey Everyone,

Weeks of hard work, months of planning, years of waiting and yesterday was finally the day, the day many had been waiting for. The youngest daughter of Emory and Beverly Goodman the youngest sister of Joshua and Jennifer Goodman was given in marriage. It was a good day!!! But as I sit here in the after thought considering the past few days, days filled with both highs and lows. My sister got married and my best friend from childhood suffered the loss of his baby Madeline... As I stood under the stars watching Jessica get married, I looked up and realized that from my point of view I could not see the picture of my mom that had been placed on a chair with some roses to honor her. I adjusted my head with a slight tilt and my eyes locked with hers in the photograph. Suddenly feelings that had not seen the light of day came rushing in from the pit of my stomach to a breaking heart moving upward to a lump in my throat, quivering chin then finally tears of grief and pain at the loss of my mother. I found my self standing at a grave and looking down into a hole, a hole I had not looked into for years. The wind on my face, tears flowing from my eyes, night skies above... has it really been so many years. She would have enjoyed yesterday, she would have added a grace to the moment, a breath of fresh air and this day she was missed by many but most of all by me.


God Bless


Rain, Midgets, & Motorbikes

Hey Everyone

I just wanted to share something I saw… I was driving down the road when I saw a midget driving one of those miniature motorbikes… I thought to my self there is a guy who is not conforming to the world but conforming the world to himself. The whole thing about when life gives you lemons then make lemonade. The Word says the it rains on the just and the unjust, look stuff happens rain falls and winds blow. It has always happened and always will… the only question is when life makes you short are you gonna hop on your miniature motor bike and ride it to the ends.


God Bless


Hey Guys
Youth was really good last night... The small groups are going really good. If you haven't been apart, then get yourself connected. We also set in new challenge here it is 1. The big three, Prayer reading and worship all 15 minutes each. 2. We are aiming to fast 12 hours a day, like from sun down to sun up. 3. Witness to 4 people this week...
There are a few other things to keep in mind. First, harvest night on the 31st featuring Xtol and Ron Johnson. Second we are doing a fish fry in two weeks on wednesday. Also we start the 24/7 prayer week on the second of Nov.
Some are asking what is going on things are seeming so hard... so difficult... I believe God is allowing us to be pushed. But why, why would God allow us to be pushed why is it so hard sometimes. I told the story a few days ago of my camping that got rained out. It was wet and cold and the tide started washing all of our stuff away. I think God sends the rain and the cold and the tide sometimes so that we become uncomfortable with where we are. In the case of me camping we packed and went home... Is that you today do you need to pack up your stuff and go home. God is always there waiting and if the storms of life are beating you down with the tide raising and a chill is come over you today God is saying, "Come on Home".
I love you guys have a great day.


God Bless



Hey Everyone,

Good Monday Morning... Don't forget to do your 3 B challenge = Bible Before Breakfast. Just keep it up also try to drag 1 more person into the challenge and to bring 1 person to youth the Wednesday. Also no prayer or practice tonight.


God Bless


At The Beach

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I was a no show yesterday but I had gone camping on the beach with my son and brother in laws. Friday night was great we swam, surfed, fished and camped. About midnight Manny and I where seating by the shore fishing when the dark sky began to grow even darker the light breeze turned into a cold wind. I hopped into the lean-to in the back of my truck hoping to sleep through the storm... Well that didn't happen through the night I was over and over again... The tent was being blown down, the tide was rising the rain was coming down, Try as I did to fix the tent or warm myself from the cold nothing worked. I was cold, wet and tired and as I said before the tide was rising. By morning we were trying our best to save the stuff from being washed away. The waves breaking, coming inside the tent, the fishing pools where being pulled out by the undertow... Their we where soaking wet, cold, not wanting to leave and not wanting to stay... So we sunk our heads in defeat and decided to head home... On the way we laughed and said man this is gonna be a great story...
...they overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony... Sometimes a testimony can be hard to make, it may get wet and cold with the storm blowing... But it sure makes a great testimony...
Remember Prayer House meeting tonight @ 6.


God Bless


Taking Responsiblity

At some point, the generation of youth have got to take responsibility for their generation. For their city, for their church, for themselves. The only question I have, is when...

When will our generation arise become what God has called us to become? Its funny. We commit to a challenge. We say we're gonna pray. We say we're gonna worship. We say we're gonna read our bible before breakfast. We say we're gonna do all these things in order to change our generation. But we don't. We slack. We mess up. We make commitments, and then don't fulfill them. Oh trust me, I'm not just speaking to you, but I'm speaking to myself also. But I do realize, at some point, things have got to change. In me. In you. In our city. In our churches. Maybe the change starts with us. Maybe the change starts with me. Maybe the change starts with you.

Today a community prayer meeting at Manna church. And out of a community of 2,000 people, maybe forty showed up. In a city of over 500 churches. Only two or three were represented. We all agree. Change is needed. At some point, that change has got to come. At some point. The change has got to come to this city. At some point, the change has got to come to the church. At some point, the change has got to come to you, and the change has got to come to me. So I'm committing, I'm taking up my sword. I'm grabbing my shield. And I'm saying, at this point, I will change.

Love you,


Bible Before Breakfast

Hey Everyone

We have since kicked the challenge up a notch due to the lack of people last night. I am adding to the challenge that next Wednesday everyone brings a friend. Also another addition is the 3 B Challenge or Bible Before Breakfast. Its pretty self explanatory. So I hope everyone is doing with the challenge.

p.s. We also decided on no carbornated beverages this week. GOOD LUCK!


God Bless


Wednesday Night

Hey Everyone,

Its hard to believe we are at another Wednesday... Sometimes it feels like this challenge is just flying by. We are gonna be kicking it up another notch tonight at youth I have a little surprise for all the challengers, oh yeah we are going even deeper so get ready. Love you guys see ya tonight.

p.s. I have a new sermon online... check it out...



Prayer Last Night

Hey Guys

So prayer last night... was that intense or what. Just don't forget to keep the missionaries in India in you prayers. Also don't forget to pray for other missionaries that you know are living in hard places such as China, the Middle East, etc... Don't forget to keep up with the challenge: prayer, praise and worship, and reading your word. God is continuing to do great things and will do even greater miracles if we press on.

God Bless


Day 19

Holy cow!!! Are we really almost at the half way point? That's so crazy, we've been at this for almost 20 days and 50 people have signed up to take the challenge. So what do you guys think, why don't we set a goal to get 100 people signed up for this challenge before we do the 24/7 prayer meeting Nov.2 - Nov.8.I want to thank everybody for coming out to the house last night, man what a great time that was... Can you believe that there was around 40 of us. Anyway make sure your at prayer tonight we are focusing on the persecution of the church in India. It's gonna be good. Don't forget your Word, worship and prayer today. By the way we are setting up the twitter for IF prayer house today so make sure to check your messages, I'll be sending the link a little later. Also the link to my blogspot is www.goodmanproject.blogspot.com if you set it as your home page you will be kept in the know every time you get online. Love you guys have a insane day.PJ


Check it

Hey everyone

Just a few thoughts on overcoming the "wicked one"... Revelation says we overcome satan by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Two requirements to overcoming, #1 the all powerful blood of Christ. Every drop of sweat, tear, every stripe, punch, curse each throw of the hammer to nail, the push of the thorns down on the brow. Each action that Jesus did on the act of Calvary carries the power of heaven. With this power we can overcome satan if we act on it. The word of our testimony is the power of the faith we or others have put into action in the past. This was the approach that Jesus used in the wilderness. It is also the approach we should take when confronted by the evil one #1 remember the acts of Christ and #2 remember what he's done for you...
PS remember BBQ my house at 6...
Love you guys

God Bless



Hey Everyone

We are on week 3 of the challenge and its going great. Here are the past and current challenges.

1st week: Fast Fast Food
2nd week: Fast Television
3rd week: Fast Junk Food

So hope you guys are doing good. Keep it up and I believe God will do something inside of you. Also don't forget to pray and praise 15 minutes a day. JUST DON'T FORGET!

God Bless


October Update

Hey Everyone

Last Wednesday I put forth a forty day challenge towards the youth. The challenge/fast is going to lead up to the presidental election for the United States. I pray that everyone who has chosen to take upon this challenge is sticking to it and running hard. Also another update. I have fixed the button for the sermons so you guys and girl can continue listening to the sermons. Also feel free to download at the link directly below the "launch sermons" button. Also you can find my podcast on itunes store just search "the goodman project." So can't wait to see how this challenge effects the youth and also can't wait to hear the testimonies and much more.

God Bless


Launch Sermon Button Error

Hey Everybody

If the "Launch Sermon" button is not working then go directly below it to the mypodcast.com site and listen to it there. Hopefully I will be able to fix this error and you will be able to continue to listen to sermons.

God Bless


Remember 9/11

I would just like to remind you guys that today is the seventh year anniversary of the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center. Just rememeber to pray and to rememeber the people that died today.


New Sermons Up

Hey Everyone!!!

Sorry it took me so long to get some more sermons up but something was wrong with the computer. But we have them now!!! Check out the "sermon compilation #1" is a really cool concept of delivering little messages in cool ways. Anyways hope you like them!!!

God Bless!


Don't dam your gifts

Just wanted to drop the blog on ya... God has really been stirring in me the difference between a lake and a river. There are so many scriptures on rivers. We hear spiritual people say they have a river flowing out of them. Jesus said that he would give us water that we'd thirst no more. The Old Testament seer Ezekiel say a river flow from the temple and every where these waters went brought life. Vibrant real life not just words but action, causing areas of dead water to become alive, alive and teaming with fish every kind of fish. On the banks of this river trees grew tall and fruit filled. Then toward the end of his vision he makes an unusual statement, he says but the marshes and the swamps remained salty or tainted or and even better word would be contaminated. We all know and understand since the death burial and resurrection of Jesus that we are now the temple it even says we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are walking talking temples with gifts and life just bursting out of us... Ah really... Um... Well have you been to most churches lately... There are many self proclaimed temples of the Holy Spirit but I don't see the life... I've seen mean people, with mean faces and harsh words... I was recently at a huge christian prayer event when I saw across the street a man with a mega phone. From his mouth fell words to everyone with in hearing, " you are all going to hell, your nothing but sinners waiting to tear down the door and enter hell." I could go on and on and you would stand in amazement at what this guy was saying but I think you get the idea. There was no life, there was no love, no peace, no grace just hell. this was a christian event and he was speaking to mostly "saved people". Needless to say I became very critical very fast. After all who does this guy think he is? I had thoughts of running over and cutting the cord from his mic to his megaphone then running away as fast as I could My better judgement git the best of me and my thoughts remained just that only thoughts. To be honest it is not until this very moment that I see just how often we as christian do the same thing. Oh maybe we don't have a megaphone, but our actions speak louder than than our words. Our words are often not carriers of life either. God has placed inside us all His good gifts, all, All, ALL. Prosperity, grace, love, peace, joy all poured into us. What happened? How could all the good stuff come out so bad, mean, ugly? Not just a man on a street corner with a megaphone but you and I. We are the temple but the waters often come out so dirty. I have a thought maybe we've dammed or gifts. Built big, huge structures to hold the gifts in... So when the little bet we let out gets out its... ah... contaminated.
Stay tuned for part 2!!!


Vision from 24/7 Prayer

Josh Goodman

There are green fields, streets of gold and gates made of pearl.
The gates open up and Jesus is there and He says, "Come in."
I walk with fear but He comes and takes me by the hand and leads me in.

The first thing I see is the sea of glass and He says, "I told you."
He also says, "That's not what you are here for."
We go back to the streets of gold.
There are no buildings, just grass on either side of the street.
We enter a shining place, it is so brilliant I can't see; and God is there.

He hands me a box that's a gift.
He says, "This gift is for you."
He then says, "Now open it."
I say, "But God I don't know how. Reveal to me how to pen the gift that you have laid before me."
He says, "Oh my son, you know how."
But I cry, "I don't know how."

An argument takes place in the heavenlies between us.

I say, "God show me how."
He says, "You already know."
I then say, "But God how?"
He then says, "Behold this day I placed My words in your mouth, actions in your heart, and you must speak those words and act upon those actions...when you have not spokken the words I give you, you deny me even as Peter denied, you denied me. When I put My actions in your heart, and you have not done them, you deny me. I put this gift in your hand. Open it up. Do not deny me."

So I take up the gift and walk out hand in hand with Jesus. The gift in my right hand and Jesus holding my left hand with His right, our fingers interlocked. He leads me, although my heart is broken, He smiles as if to say, "I told you so."
I say, "But what?"

He 's hard but good, uncontrolable but He loves you. He will let you stumble, but He'll pick you up and take you by the hand and walk with you again. We leave and walk down the streets of gold, grass on either side, we exit the gate and Jesus walks back inside and I'm standing there with my gift.

The answer will come tomorrow but first the test, the test of the gift I placed in your hands.



Fun Wednesday

Hey everybody just wanted to let you know that this wednesday will just be great time of fun. We will have food, cake, and prizes so bring out all you friends for this night of fun.


24-7 Prayer recap

Well the 24-7 prayer is now over. WOAH!!! Yeah God worked in miracles throughout camp meeting and prayer. We had prophetic words, visions, saw Jesus, and most importantly smelt cinnamon! Yeah! But now comes the question where do we go from here??? Well we will all be praying about the things to come.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.


Sermons now available

Hey everyone this is Joshua telling everyone that my sermon podcasting is now up and running. I will have my weekly sermons up soon and also previous sermons that I have done. Just click any of the buttons that say pupuplayer and listen to the messages I have.

Thank you and God bless!


Wednesday Night Youth

Hey everyone looking at this post check out our youth group Next Level tonight at 7 pm. We are actually kicking off 24/7 prayer tonight at 10 o'clock. God's going to move in such great ways this whole week. Anyways I gotta go so if you can check us out at 6427 Cliffdale Road. Fayetteville, NC.


Sermons soon to be up

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that I will soon have my sermons up on podcasts. So check back in a few days for them.


Myspace Channel

Hey also here is the link for the myspace music channel that I have.


Youtube Channel

Hey everyone here is the link to my youtube channel. I don't have much on there yet but will as soon as I can.


First day of blogging

Hey Everyone this is Joshua Goodman on the first day of blogging can't wait to see how this thing turns out. Great stuff is all I can say right now. Anyways thanks for checking it out and I'll see you in a couple of days.