Don't dam your gifts

Just wanted to drop the blog on ya... God has really been stirring in me the difference between a lake and a river. There are so many scriptures on rivers. We hear spiritual people say they have a river flowing out of them. Jesus said that he would give us water that we'd thirst no more. The Old Testament seer Ezekiel say a river flow from the temple and every where these waters went brought life. Vibrant real life not just words but action, causing areas of dead water to become alive, alive and teaming with fish every kind of fish. On the banks of this river trees grew tall and fruit filled. Then toward the end of his vision he makes an unusual statement, he says but the marshes and the swamps remained salty or tainted or and even better word would be contaminated. We all know and understand since the death burial and resurrection of Jesus that we are now the temple it even says we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are walking talking temples with gifts and life just bursting out of us... Ah really... Um... Well have you been to most churches lately... There are many self proclaimed temples of the Holy Spirit but I don't see the life... I've seen mean people, with mean faces and harsh words... I was recently at a huge christian prayer event when I saw across the street a man with a mega phone. From his mouth fell words to everyone with in hearing, " you are all going to hell, your nothing but sinners waiting to tear down the door and enter hell." I could go on and on and you would stand in amazement at what this guy was saying but I think you get the idea. There was no life, there was no love, no peace, no grace just hell. this was a christian event and he was speaking to mostly "saved people". Needless to say I became very critical very fast. After all who does this guy think he is? I had thoughts of running over and cutting the cord from his mic to his megaphone then running away as fast as I could My better judgement git the best of me and my thoughts remained just that only thoughts. To be honest it is not until this very moment that I see just how often we as christian do the same thing. Oh maybe we don't have a megaphone, but our actions speak louder than than our words. Our words are often not carriers of life either. God has placed inside us all His good gifts, all, All, ALL. Prosperity, grace, love, peace, joy all poured into us. What happened? How could all the good stuff come out so bad, mean, ugly? Not just a man on a street corner with a megaphone but you and I. We are the temple but the waters often come out so dirty. I have a thought maybe we've dammed or gifts. Built big, huge structures to hold the gifts in... So when the little bet we let out gets out its... ah... contaminated.
Stay tuned for part 2!!!


Vision from 24/7 Prayer

Josh Goodman

There are green fields, streets of gold and gates made of pearl.
The gates open up and Jesus is there and He says, "Come in."
I walk with fear but He comes and takes me by the hand and leads me in.

The first thing I see is the sea of glass and He says, "I told you."
He also says, "That's not what you are here for."
We go back to the streets of gold.
There are no buildings, just grass on either side of the street.
We enter a shining place, it is so brilliant I can't see; and God is there.

He hands me a box that's a gift.
He says, "This gift is for you."
He then says, "Now open it."
I say, "But God I don't know how. Reveal to me how to pen the gift that you have laid before me."
He says, "Oh my son, you know how."
But I cry, "I don't know how."

An argument takes place in the heavenlies between us.

I say, "God show me how."
He says, "You already know."
I then say, "But God how?"
He then says, "Behold this day I placed My words in your mouth, actions in your heart, and you must speak those words and act upon those actions...when you have not spokken the words I give you, you deny me even as Peter denied, you denied me. When I put My actions in your heart, and you have not done them, you deny me. I put this gift in your hand. Open it up. Do not deny me."

So I take up the gift and walk out hand in hand with Jesus. The gift in my right hand and Jesus holding my left hand with His right, our fingers interlocked. He leads me, although my heart is broken, He smiles as if to say, "I told you so."
I say, "But what?"

He 's hard but good, uncontrolable but He loves you. He will let you stumble, but He'll pick you up and take you by the hand and walk with you again. We leave and walk down the streets of gold, grass on either side, we exit the gate and Jesus walks back inside and I'm standing there with my gift.

The answer will come tomorrow but first the test, the test of the gift I placed in your hands.



Fun Wednesday

Hey everybody just wanted to let you know that this wednesday will just be great time of fun. We will have food, cake, and prizes so bring out all you friends for this night of fun.