Let’s face it we all need some change. The first step in change is honesty and often the hardest person to be honest with is ourselves. It’s so easy to see the change needed in the world, our city, school, friends, and family but in ourselves… it’s much much harder. It’s like we can see every situation and problem in 20/20 except the ones in us. We can see so clearly what everybody else needs to do… But what we need to do? Jesus spoke in Matthew about the plank in our own eye. We all have planks and sometimes these planks prove to be great microscopes of other’s specks. Look I’m not saying that the speck is not there, oh it’s there and is ever irritating but as long as you have that big old ugly plank impairing your sight, don’t think you’re qualified to do eye surgery. Because you are not. Like I said, the first step to change is honesty. Can I be honest with you??? No, really can I? If I can’t then you should stop reading right now… Really I mean it, if you’re not ready for a healthy dose of honesty then just stop… So you’re still here, that means whether it hurts or not you want to hear the truth. The truth is, Jesus. He is the beginning, middle and end, the way, truth and life. HE KNOWS BEST!!! He sits at God’s right hand, and God is still all-powerful and all knowing. He is all knowing, which means He sees and knows every situation and problem that you are facing. He is all-powerful, which means He could easily remove and destroy every situation and problem. We make statements like, “I just can’t take anymore”, “I’m giving 100%”, and “I’m doing my best”. Here comes that honesty… You underestimate what you can take, overestimate what you give and have no clue what your best is. Just saying… You can take more than you’ve taking thus far, can give more than you’ve given and your best is seated in the heavenlies. So let’s stop basing what we are and can do on those around us and come to the realization that each of us needs change. So find that plank and start removing it. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking one prayer of repentance is going to do the trick. This is a thing that we walk out daily and the situations and problems you’re facing are the tweezers God is using. Honestly

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