Great Expectations

We live in a society that has such low expectations on its participants. Oh sure, we tell ourselves and others, “You can do anything” or “ You can be whatever you want to be.” But, when it comes down to what is, being what is, do we really believe that? Not believe in the some casual passer by sense, but believe in an intimate and real sense, like my life depends on it sense, like nothing else matters sense. My point being if we don’t really believe it then is the one we are saying it to really able to believe it?
Then if we base our expectation on what we really believe, really, really believe, then I can honestly say our true expectations are considerably lower than they should be. Allow me if you will to take this train one step farther and say what we believe is not simply a state of mind, but a state of action, a state of life. To simply say we believe isn’t really worth the hot air coming out of our mouth. What we believe needs to have a little gas in the tank and fire on the plugs. So if we then take the reality of our actions and not simply the hot air billowing from our lips and let that be the basis of our expectations. Then I say once again and though you shake your head no defiantly it doesn’t change the reality that our expectations are considerately lower than they should be.
Look, my friend, Jesus was and is the only man that ever lived that truly had His expectation meter right where it was supposed to be at 100%. He walked it, He talked it, He lived it, He did it BUT!!!! Most importantly He died for it. He died that, that walk and talk, that lived and did, might be expected by you. Just consider that for a moment the very low expectation that Christian society has on salvation. In so many ways salvation is a prayer we say so we don’t have to endure hell for all eternity. Jesus did not allow His body to be broken, His precious blood to be shed, His very life to be taken so you could say a prayer. He died the death that He died so that you could live a life, so you could live a life of talking and walking and living and doing. He died because of the great expectation He has in you. He doesn’t just say He believes you can do anything, but He died so you would.     

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